Random facts from the road

  • 1450- the miles on our truck in the last few days which translates into roughly 3 packages of juice boxes, countless gluten free cereal and granola bars, and more than a couple movies on our little 7 inch portable DVD player.
  • 27- the temperature in the mountains according to our dash display while we were leaving Salt Lake.  Today we were treated to a 103 degree Minnesota roasting fest.  That is a serious change in temperature and has proven itself a significant packing challenge.
  • 20- pretty pink toes.  Tim's aunt took Kylee and I for pedicures today.  My toes will look cute in the sandals I bought to match a dress which, for the record, I have never done in my entire life.  (My mom says this is not true and that my ballet shoes always used to match my costumes... but I maintain she bought those not me so it doesn't count.)
  • 4-  pictures taken since we left and they were all on my phone so unless you are a facebook friend you probably won't see any of them.  One was of Kylee's toes, two were of the truck's outside temperature display, and one was of myself trying on a pair of pants which I texted to Tim in the other dressing room.  Don't worry- that one didn't make it to any sort of public viewing (and neither did the pants for that matter).  In any case, not exactly the stuff of scrapbooks.
  • 16- number of hours that we only had one child.  It was strange.  We have one child back, but the boys are staying with my sister for one more night.  
  • 1- Logan tomorrow.  That is strange too.  I will have to turn on an oven to make a birthday cake when it is 9, 000 degrees outside.  (Since Aidan isn't here to over-exaggerate everything, I will be forced to take on the role.)
  • 33- minutes of battery life left on my computer.  My phone battery is at 26%.  The clock says it is 11:08.  All of that probably means I should really go to bed.

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Lisa said...

Oh, my. I seriously laughed out loud at the Aidan exaggerating role. Is it just the oldest boys who do that, cause AJ's got that one covered too. Oh, does he have it covered! :) Hope the trip is going well!!!