Super Summer Sewing Spree

Any crafter will tell you there are seasons.  Seasons in which you accomplish very little in the crafting rooms, maybe a big move or a new baby, but then there are seasons when you accomplish a lot...more than you ever have before.

That would be the season my sewing is in right now.  I had hopes when we moved into this house and my sewing machine found a safe, permanent, available home that I would be lucky enough to use it regularly.

And use it I have!  Bibs, summer pajamas, tank tops, blankets, shorts sets, 2 bags, a mouse pad, doll clothes, an apron, and even a quilt in progress.  Not to mention the box of stuffed animals, dolls, and dress up clothes that have finally been repaired.  I've sewn by myself and with helpers... in fact, I've sewn with everyone except Tim!

It has definitely been a super summer sewing spree!

This awesome knit fabric is reversible which made sewing sets so much fun (even better it was only $2/yard).
I also made solid pink capris and a striped tank.
They were intended as pajamas but they are so cute she has been wearing them during the day too!
Envelope Tee from Growing Up Sew Liberated, paired with a short and long version of the Sleeping Johns.
Logan also has a new dinosaur Envelope Tee with matching shorts made from an old pair of Aidan's pajamas.
We made this tank top from an old t-shirt of Tim's.  Caleb helped me with all of the sewing & ironing.

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