Caleb had his first Tae Kwon Do tournament this morning.  It was just a little in-school event with only 4 kids participating in his division and the youngest kids are all non competitive.  They don't get scores, but they do get to compete for trophies for things like best kicks, or strongest hands, or loudest yell, etc.  They don't even have to memorize their forms, an instructor helps them through everything.

Quiet little Caleb really comes out of his shell when he is doing tae kwon do.  He is the loudest, most enthusiastic kid- by a LOT!  Seriously, other people comment on how outgoing he is (in a nice way).  Which is completely funny if you know Caleb because he is really not outgoing at all.  Actually it isn't in the top ten words I would use to describe him... I'm not sure it would cross my mind in the top 100!  He just loves to yell out a big YES MA'AM!  (And his mama loves it when he forgets he is at home and gives her one of those when she asks him to do something....)


June Be Ma'am

Double Outer Forearm 2


Side Kick




Lisa said...

Look at that huge trophy!! Congrats Caleb! Looks like he had a great time. :)

Kasclar said...

Wow, what great pictures and what a cutie! He looks so into it! Good for him.