Let Your Light Shine!

We had such a great day today!  You know I was going to say that, right?  Anyways, our theme for this fall is Let Your Light Shine.  We actually started with this theme in the spring with the help of a few friends who lent me their brains to figure out a fun way to emphasize positive behaviors and attitudes.  We wrote The Light List, expectations for behavior and living our faith every day by the way we treat others and ourselves.   For example, we can be truthful and Truth full.  It's a fun little list, maybe I will share it on here sometime soon.  Anyways, I think my mom knew that was the theme, even though she didn't because I got a sunshine filled back to school surprise yesterday morning.

Sunshine & Daisies

I love flowers, its too bad I'm not very good at actually growing them.  Thanks Mom!

Anyways, we had a great morning with our new schedules and new materials.  Kylee was thrilled to have her little lesson and come to big girl school.  She cracks me up because if you call her a big girl she says, "No, I'm a little girl."  But call her a little girl?  "No, me not a little girl! Me a big girl!"  Can't have it both ways and can't believe she will be 3 in a week.  When did that happen?

Today was great, but tonight is when the real fun happened with our first day of school evening celebration!  We had a fun snack of gluten free shortbread cookies, blackberries, & whipped cream.


Still looks good, even out of focus.
Logan liked it, I think he made up for my lack of focus.


We did a little family tree art project.


Not a new project, but our family has new people in it since the last time we did it.

Then all the kids got to open their back to school surprise: a new mama-made pair of pajamas.  
Of course, then we had to take pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.

Dad's Gang





Side Kick!

Side kick!

Pretty Girl

She is into headbands, "Like Mama!" 

Cute Stuff

All Smiles

Have a great night!

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