Again? Seriously?

Remember this?

Our first toddler with a broken arm.

Now we have another one.


Last Tuesday Logan tripped, apparently over his own two feet, and fractured both of the bones in his forearm right above his wrist.  Being young, fortunately, they heal quickly and he only has another two weeks of cast.  

Since "Toddler Broken Arm"  is a search phrase that shows up in my blog stats almost monthly I will add a little trick for those of you who experience this some day.  Cover the cast with a sock when playing outside or eating- 8 year old brother socks work best for us.  This is a life saver since those tiny fingers make washing the hand almost impossible.  We learned the need for this the hard way on a rainy (muddy) camping trip with Kylee.

While Tim packed up in the pouring rain- we sat in the van and had breakfast.  
If you look closely you can see the now dirty sock covering Kylee's left arm.

So off we are on this fall adventure of trying to keep him comfortable.  They put the cast over the elbow because they were concerned about it falling off with his size.  As much as I don't like it, I saw how loose Kylee's was and even wondered if I could pull it off so I think it was a good idea.  Unfortunately, it limits his movement more and is far less comfortable for sleeping.  We might be doing ibuprofen at bedtime until it comes off.

And now, I'd just like to say-  No more broken bones please!



My Boys' Teacher said... poor things. That stinks.

and then a few months later...

Been there, feel bad for you :(

IamwhoIam said...

Ahhh poor baby! I have soon to be 8 kids now and thankfully/luckily only one broken bone ever. Wyatt fell off the tree house when he was six and fractured one of the forearm bones, cast was off after 3 weeks though so that was good.