Montessori File Folder Games From 3 Part Cards

This is a great way to make all of those Montessori 3 part cards easier to store and sort.  File folders are also more portable than loose cards and provide a defined work space.  I haven't done this with all of my 3 part cards, but I have noticed it works especially well with science concepts.  You can buy books at a teacher store with templates for making file folder games, but they are expensive and it is quite straight forward to customize to concepts that you are teaching without buying an entire book.  By adapting presentation, these file folder games can be used for a variety of ages and concepts.  By laminating the folder, you can even create a portable dry erase surface perfect for the car!



Montessori 3 Part Card Set- ideally printed on card stock (see below for resources)
File Folder
Glue Stick

To Make

Cut out 3 part cards.


Glue control cards inside file folder.

Gluing on Control Cards

For things that can be sequenced such as a life cycle or numbers, arrange accordingly.


Glue envelope to the back of the folder for extra pieces.

Glue on Envelope

Glue a relevant picture or control to the front of the folder


To Use

Beginning: Matching Pictures to Control

Matching Pictures

Intermediate:  Matching Pictures & Words to Control, Ordering Pictures 

Matching Pictures to Words

Advanced:  Matching Words to Pictures, Ordering Words & Pictures

Checking For Mistakes

Sources for 3 Part Cards

Make your own
Use flashcards from dollar section (buy 2 sets)

**Life cycle cards are from Montessori For Everyone free resources.

A quick web search will also find you plenty of templates for traditional file folder games.


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What a great idea! Thanks.

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We love File Folder games here...thanks for posting the resources!

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What a great idea! Thanks.