A Timeline For Kylee


Kylee always wants to help with our Story of The World Timelines, but she really doesn't understand and her pictures....well, lets just say they don't add much to the story!  She did, however, greatly enjoy this timeline of Kylee activity last week and I think she did a nice job with it!


Details for those who are interested:

Kylee drew her line across the center of a 9x14 sheet of paper.

I made a dotted name across the top and dotted numbers for 0, 1, 2, & 3.   

She traced.

On regular copy paper I printed a picture of Kylee the day she was born and on each of her birthdays.  I also did a photo of the day Logan was born and her baptism day since those are significant events too!

She cut out her pictures and then glued them in order along the line.

I added words and dates for her birth, baptism, & big sister day.

She displayed it proudly in our living room!

It probably took around a half hour for the entire project.

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Angie said...

Thanks! I'll be using this some time this school year. We start next week!