Fall Camping

Fall is such a beautiful time to camp.  This time last year we visited a state park and then drove through the mountains and hiked to waterfall.  This year we headed out to visit the Great Salt Lake.  In 24 hours, we took 2 hikes, splashed in the water, and visited the historic ranch located on state park property.  Like last year, I took way too many pictures.  My apologies for how long this post is going to take to load for some of you!

Hike #1- Climbing on The Rocks

Hike #2- Looking for Signs of Animal Life

Flashback.  Aidan minus 2 years

Animal Track In A Rock
Do you see the snake?  Aidan saw it from 5 feet away!
Kylee's big find- a black beetle.  She was so proud.
Buffalo Tracks
Buffalo Dung
Um, that's a a buffalo!

At Water's Edge

Eventually we had to ditch the pants
Now that we are all wet we should definitely roll down a hill of sand, right?

Around Camp

My washer still hasn't recovered from these jeans.

Another flashback- Logan during camp meals last year


Moon in the morning- that is the point we hiked out to where we saw the buffalo.

Visiting the Ranch

Aidan maybe isn't completely fearless....

Other than a really rough few hours from about 11:00-2:00 when Logan and Kylee decided they didn't want to sleep in a tent, this was probably the best camping trip we have ever taken.  During camping I get all these great glimpses into how much the kids have grown.  This year the boys not only wanted to help set up the tent, but they actually did a good chunk of the work.  Last year Kylee was in the backpack this year she was climbing rocks.  Aidan just looked so grown up when I went back and looked through the pictures.  Logan was interested in everything we saw and did.  When people say it goes fast, it really does.  I will close with one more flashback.  This is Aidan at 11 months old the first time we went camping as a family, just the three of us.


Sheila said...

Hi Heidi, So glad that you got to have such a fun family adventure! The pictures are stunning, and it's hard to believe that you were only out for 24 hours. My favorite pic is of your son doing the handstand in the water.: )

Lisa said...

You managed to do so much in such a short space. It looks beautiful there. Glad you had so much fun.

Lisa said...

Awesome! Looks like you had a great time! And, a buffalo, that close? I would have freaked! Loved the snake 5 ft away. AJ is the same way! LOL

Meredith said...

I laughed out loud at how you set us up for the buffalo. Yikes! Looks like an awesome time. Your kids are blessed that you and Tim are so brave. ;)