Fall Weekend Fun

Picking Peaches

Our plan was to go to an apple orchard, but all of the U-Pick stuff was actually peaches.  We already canned peaches for the year and froze a bunch, but we decided to pick another 5-10 pounds just for fun.  

Somewhat helpful

Along for the ride

The picking wasn't great, but there was a playground that the kids found passable!



They didn't really have a pumpkin patch, but they did have a big pile of pumpkins to choose from.  Aidan took this responsibility of choosing very seriously and inspected several dozen before settling on the one that Logan "picked".


This One Brother

Why do toddlers always try to pick up the pumpkins that weigh twice as much as they do?

Apple Tasting

They did have bushels of apples that they had already picked so we ended up just buying those.

Logan was in charge of the tasting part!

Kind of Sour

This was the tiniest little orchard, only a few acres right in the middle of the city and probably not one that we will go to again, but we had fun anyways.  Live and learn. 

(Oh and just for my Northern friends, it was 86 degrees.  Who wants to come visit?)

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