Family Literacy Challenge- October!

For the Family Literacy Challenge at Work, Play, Read we decided to go with a letters art project.  We read every day and so I wanted to do something totally different than we normally would.  Projects like this are usually reserved for during the day when Daddy is gone, so it was fun to have him participating!

We cut out magazine letters, arranged them to spell our names, and then glued them onto a card stock mat.  After we were done, we painted Modge Podge over the whole thing.  On the outside of the frame we put our family name (which I blacked out) and the year.  (I was hoping to get a new family picture taken before I posted this but yeah...didn't get to that quite yet!)

Family Literacy Night

I know you are all waiting anxiously for the rest of the pictures, but yeah...there aren't any.  My kitchen at night is not a good place to take pictures and they all looked really dark and yucky.  It might have been an operator problem...

We have a weekly movie night and probably play games together at least every other weekend, but this is the first time we did an activity that was all about literacy.  It was fun and I am already thinking of ideas for what we should do next month!

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