New This Month!

I wanted to point out a few new features and link over on that often ignored side bar over there to the right. First off, a huge thank you to everyone who has been spreading the word about Work and Play, Day by Day this month!  Our Facebook followers have doubled in the last two weeks.  Of course this is still a small blog but it is encouraging to know that people are finding our information and content useful.

I have added a search box so that you can search through all of my old posts.  This should help if you are looking for something specific.  I also want to quickly point out that if you are wanting to browse through certain types of activities, you can click on the homeschool tab above and you will be taken to an index page that makes it easy to browse by category.

I decided that I would like to do a better job of sharing all of the blogs I enjoy so I added some new blogs to my blog roll.  A few I would like to especially point out:

Doodle Bugs Teaching- I don't know why it didn't occur to me sooner that not only do homeschool teachers blog, but classroom teachers blog too!  Lots of cute ideas, inspiration, units and a HUGE blogroll of teacher blogs make this site worth visiting.

Meagan- Such an innocent blog title for a girl with a big story.  Meagan was diagnosed with fetal hydrocephalous before her birth and her parents were encouraged to abort and given an extremely poor outlook and even poorer support from their health care providers.  I know Meagan's mom and she would really be uplifted by your visit and a quick word!  Even if you don't stop by, they are praying hard for a feeding break through right now as after her surgery (at only a couple days old) Meagan forgot how to suck and this is one of her biggest barriers to saying goodbye to the NICU.

Catholic Sistas- I've been thinking about when and how to share this blog with my readers because I'm a teensy bit insecure about it.  Somehow, as a Catholic of all of a few short weeks it seems,  I ended up as one of over 40 authors on this new blog.  I have done 3 posts and am enjoying being a part of this group of women.  They are focusing hard on Respect Life Month right now.  I particularly recommend you check out some of the amazing pro-life pieces that other women have shared.

There are a few other new names, as well as some of my old favorites.  I am hoping to rotate through my blogroll every month or two to keep things fresh.  Be sure to pass along any other recommendations and I will be sure to check them out.  You may even see them featured in a future post like this one!

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Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing some of your favorite blogs.