It will take time, especially since I am really punting this week to give lessons, but Caleb seems quite comfortable to be home again. I am now thinking school proved to make academics actually harder by doing too much.  Too many steps for things that Caleb could do simply, while at the same time assuming too much about abilities and endurance in the hands!  Watching him these past few days, I am really seeing his fine motor skills in a new light.  As much as he was calm in school, I'm starting to see the ways it was also stressful and may have made things harder for him.  

My tentative plan is to focus on routines, behavior, and motor skills through the lens of structured "school". I think Caleb has proven that the academics will take care of themselves for him.


Lisa said...

Yeah!! :) Glad you had that "break" so you could see things in a new light.

Discovering Montessori said...

The academics pushing was one of the readons I decided to homeschool DJ again. He was promoted to a higher grade without his social needs being considered at the same time. By the way I love this activity, did you make it? Thank you for sharing.

Heidi said...

Discovering Montessori- I downloaded the sentences activity from this link

She has some great free downloads that work really well adapted to a Montessori style activity and then also sells center activities and kits too!