Spider Art

Random fact.  Tim does not like spiders.  For the nature & creature lover that he is he really does not care for spiders.

Spiderman he is not.

For Tim's birthday, however, Aidan thought it would be plan to have a spider party.  Spider cake, spider card, and some spidery decorations.  He was sure Daddy would be so scared, but somehow I suspected Tim would actually love all of the thought Aidan put into it.

For the cake I just made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting and made a little well in the center of the cake.  After I frosted with chocolate, I made circles with white in the well and then dragged a knife across to make it look like a web and stuck a bunch of spider rings from the dollar section to make it look like they were crawling over the edge of the cake.  It was actually surprisingly cute and not surprisingly I failed to take a picture of it!

For decorations we made balloon spiders.

You can see I didn't have any black balloons so Kylee picked pink (big surprise).  That actually made the faces easier because we could just draw them instead of making them out of construction paper (my original plan).  On a funny note, we got in trouble from Caleb when he got home from school for not giving the spider compound eyes!  A few folded construction paper legs, a yarn "web" tail made for a quick and easy spidery decoration.

The card/poster was much more fun and perfectly seasonal even though that isn't why we were making it!

We started by marble painting with white paint on blue paper in a giant box.

(Yes Miss "Cutie"  is wearing her shirt backwards.)

Then we added black handprints for our spiders.

I imagine you would want to stop here, but we added a little message of love for Daddy on his birthday!

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Lisa said...

So cute! I'm sure he loved it too!