An Attitude of Gratitude

This morning I am grateful for the opportunity to run a 5K benefitting the food shelf with my husband.  I am particularly grateful it was 48 instead of 8 like it was last year when Tim ran alone! 

I am grateful for the the beautiful faces who welcome me home at the end of a run.  Tim who encourages me to get out there and the four kiddos who think their mom is a super star even though she's not.

I am grateful for family who are able to travel miles to be with loved ones during the holiday.

I am grateful for new friends and old who have stuck by me over the last several years.

I am grateful for new life celebrated by family and friends this Thanksgiving.

I am grateful for a warm and welcoming home to call our own.


I hope that all of my readers are able to take a moment to be grateful today!

Special love & hugs to family and friends who we aren't able to celebrate with this year!

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