Christ The King

Two day weeks are perfect for pretty much one thing and one thing only- mini units!  I actually didn't have a plan for our Thanksgiving week mini-unit until oh sometime late last night, when my friend Erika at Raising (& Teaching) Little Saints shared her printable Christ The King resources.  I took her packet of resources and divided them up between kids and also prepared activities to have out all week.

Discussed as a whole group and then placed on school room shelf.  Kylee and I will play Eye-Spy with these cards later this week.  You could also make 2 sets and play a memory/matching game.  I am going to have Aidan and Caleb write sentences using these words tomorrow for language/writing.


Pencil/Paper Work
Included in the packet is a handwriting practice sheet (Caleb), two coloring sheets (Kylee), a maze, and a cut/paste activity.  There was also a picture copying sheet and blank grid.  Aidan really enjoyed copying the cartoon Christ the King.  I love the puffed out cheeks in concentration!!


When Aidan was finished copying the image, I mounted the strips and placed them on the shelf as a puzzle for the week.


None of these works will be out for long (Advent next week, seriously??), but they are already sparking conversation and a deeper understanding of our faith which is always an A-1 priority goal!

Montessori Monday


Martianne said...

Love seeing your young one so intent on this wonderful unit and thanks for linking up at THH!

Deb Chitwood said...

Great activities for Thanksgiving week! And thanks for the link to the printables! I'm so glad you link up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page: