Last year I confessed that I really don't care for Halloween.  Nothing has changed, in fact I'm quite sure my conviction has grown quite a bit stronger, so this year we rekindled our activities from last year in hopes of starting new traditions.

Instead of spending a lot of time or money on costumes, I got some costume animal print fabric at JoAnns and made half a dozen new animal capes for our dress up bucket.  We only went to one Halloween party (just like last year) and got a small amount of treats and were able to dress up, and then we skipped out on trick or treating and stayed home and had a movie night and made homemade peanut butter cups again.

We also made our homemade gluten free doughnut holes again too.

Those were yummy!

For our one event we went to our Tae Kwon Do party.  Logan was a ladybug, Kylee was a pink zebra, Caleb was a cheetah, and Aidan was a tiger.  Tim was a cow who made me swear not to take any pictures and I dressed up as a zoo keeper.

Quite appropriate I think!

Caleb explains his costume to a confused "New Student" (Who is actually a 4th Degree Black Belt)

During the costume parade, Kylee won cutest costume. I think mostly because at barely 3 she so eloquently expressed her age and name and what her costume was.

We had a few treats, wore some fun costumes and all and all had a good time!  Now I can check Halloween off until next year....

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