I Can Make New Numbers

Caleb has been working with the addition strip board and reviewing his addition basic facts. I chose to do this as a transition back to Montessori math after his stint in school.  They were working on basic addition so I decided to do basic facts before bridging back to addition with the stamp game and then hopefully working towards abstraction this year in addition up through the thousand's place.

All of the ways to make 4- shown visually

Since handwriting is a struggle for Caleb, I put together a booklet so he could use our number stamping sticks (from Discount School Supply) to fill in all of the equations to make each number.  This week we are working through 10, and next week we will work through 18.

Here is a FREE I Can Make New Numbers booklet for basic facts through 10.  Even if you don't have stamping sticks you could have your child write in the numbers or use scrapbooking stickers.  If you don't have a strip board, consider using two-color counters or another manipulative to visually represent all of the ways to make each number.


Olivia D {The Road to Poland} said...

I have a question. How do you guide the exercise for them to fill in the number board?

Heidi said...

Using the addition strip board was a prior lesson. We started with adding individual digits, then we had a box of addition problems on slips and he would do a certain number of them. Then we did another lesson showing the commutative property of addition and then we expanded into all of the ways to make a particular number.

There were at least 4 distinct lessons and additional practice before we went to do all of them in sets like this with the booklet of number sentences.

Hope that helps!!

Kylie said...

Sorry for the negative appointment, let's hope it imporves over the coming months.

Thank you for the printable this will be put too good use.

Olivia D {The Road to Poland} said...

Thanks! That does help. Where are you finding the "lessons?" Just simple Montessori books or an online source. I am just trying to get started and want to know the best place to find those first lessons to build up to something like this with the younger children.

Thanks for taking the time to answer!