Just a *few* fun fall pictures

Aidan explains to Logan how this leaf playing thing works
Why does my daughter put on a winter coat, warm hat, and a skirt with Crocs?

Isn't he looking so much like a little boy?
Check out a few of his funny faces!

Always getting along best when throwing something at each other.....
Mom tried for the cute group shot but Logan and Kylee weren't having it!

Little Miss Blue Eyes


Angie said...

Kylee's outfit is par for the course at our house, too it would seem to be the age?!?! Kate is full of strange combinations and with winter approaching I wonder...

Lisa said...

Cute pics! We had a jacket once just like Kylee's! I think kids are certainly immune to cold - many times mine are out without jackets at all. BRRR!

Martianne said...

That IS living. Love these types of moments.

And, thanks for commenting at Training Happy Hearts today. I have nor really done any PR, so to speak, about the new Sunday link-up, but figure some folks might like to share and so thought I'd start putting it out there to facilitate the sharing. would love to see you link up some Sunday, with an old post or new, about a resource, tip or idea you have for training little ones ups.

God bless!