Back (again)

I once again have left you hanging for far too long!  This last week has been all about Caleb's official Aspergers evaluation and the ideas/thoughts/emotions that have lead up to and come after.

I think the hardest piece for me is that when we put him in school this fall it was because we knew homeschool wasn't working for him.  Don't get me wrong, he is smart as whip and learns things quickly but unfortunately I don't need a 6 year old who reads 4th and 5th grade books and does crazy math.  Ultimately, who cares if he can do that and continuing to advance academically is just putting a bigger wedge between him and his peers.

We knew that when we were asked to leave our school this fall that homeschooling again was probably temporary.  Today's "final"  (is it ever really final?) meeting affirmed my thoughts along those lines and I think we are going to start looking at going back to school.  We haven't made any decisions for sure, though as among other discussions today was the possibility of medicating his anxiety, which is fairly high.  I have  a hard time saying, yes lets give him anxiety meds, just so he can get through his anxiety enough to go to school when I don't see school as a requirement for life success.  But on the flip side what purpose is homeschooling serving right now for him?

I really wish I knew a few more people who had faced this choice.  I seem to know a lot of moms who homeschool their kids with Aspergers who pulled them out of school but they are mostly older kids, but I don't know many who put them in (especially who put only their Aspergers kid in school).  Either way, by the end of this week we should have our dictations, paperwork, and IEP modification suggestions (which our evaluator sends with all of his dictations I guess).  Then we get to decide what we do with it.


Angie said...

Continued prayers for you, Caleb and your family. I can relate to your wish- oh if it were easier to have 'the answers' but it doesn't seem to work that way. ;-)

Home School Mom: Denise said...

We are home schooling our high functioning autistic son. I have found a lot of support for it from the home school community, home school legal defense organizations, as well as many helpful resources to use at home. for example. We do go to speech-language therapy weekly at this point, and our insurance pays (other than a co-pay). My son Mark is now 8, with hyperlexia, (he reads around 6-7th grade level - comphrehends around 3rd grade level), so his therapist and I worked on a system of having him read just a couple sentences, then covering them up with our hand and asking him what happened, what was it about? took a lot of practice, but we eventually worked it into his being able re-tell a whole book back after doing this method throughout, and then I write down his retelling and he illustrates. Anyway, I'd gladly talk with you more about home schooling and what you can do to work out a great education, and the areas HFA/Aspie's need. There is a catholic home schooling for Aspies group - the link is on my blog. Also, I'd push for HFA as a diagnosis - the only difference really is that Aspergers speech-language usually progresses normally in the early years...whereas HFA, usually have a speech-delay. Otherwise they are very much twin diagnosis. Best wishes!!!