Fundamental Needs of People Follow Up & Printables

Last month, I shared the Fundamental Needs of People presentation as part of my series on Core Montessori.  I have more Core Montessori posts planned, but I wanted to quickly update with the downloads I created for us to use with our follow up work.

Our plan is to continue with the fundamental needs of people as the lens through which we study geography and culture for the next few months.  Currently the boys are finishing their personal needs charts and next week(ish) we will be moving into study of specific cultures or groups.  In order to accommodate the different writing abilities of my boys (and provide variety in general), I created two blank charts.  One designed for pictures or ideas (less writing) and one in an outline format for more complete ideas.

The blank picture chart can be found here and the blank outline can be found here.  Both print on 8.5x11 paper.  As always if you would like to share these resources with your blog readers, friends, or family please do so by providing a link back to this post instead of a link directly to the documents.


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