Knock- Knock

I have posted before about certain materials that seem to attract the other kids even though they are well past their use.  Materials like the pink tower, Race to 100 Game, and other things just bring everyone over for "lessons"!  In our house, one of those other things is the Knock-Knock Game.

The Knock-Knock game is really a variation on the 3rd step of a 3 period lesson (naming).  Using the sandpaper numbers or letters, we turn all of the ones that we are working on upside down, then knock on the back saying, "Knock, knock!  Who's there?"


Then we turn it over and say the letter sound or name of the number.  


Simple, but always a favorite.  Even our little one enjoys knock-knocking and flipping over cards with a big grin just to show us how he knows this game too!  I remember when that little girl above used to do the same thing to her older brother.....


Kylie said...

Love this, thank you :-)

My Boys' Teacher said...

I learned this little "tweak" from you sometime ago and I wanted to let you know that Me Too LOVES this :)

Angie said...

Heidi did you make or buy your sandpaper letter/numbers?

Heidi said...

Angie I bought this set, although I have made them in the past. Honestly they are very time consuming and if you make them to standup to many kids not that much less expensive. You can do it cheaply, but they don't really stand up to large families very well.

MBT- Glad to hear Me Too likes it! I don't know what it is about the game but all of my kids have been big fans so I'm sure I have mentioned it before!