One Day At A Time

This is actually yesterday's update.  I couldn't update yesterday because I was busy in the emergency room with a toddler with a cut that wouldn't stop bleeding.  It was really a minor cut, too small to stitch, but it just would not stop!  Hours and hours later (we're talking about 7-8 total, both before and after our ER trip) it would start bleeding if Logan got his wrap off.  Since he's one, that kept managing to happen...I can't imagine why!

Several friends in the know suggested super glue, but thankfully around dinner time he gave up and kept the wrap on.  Tim changed the dressing this morning and he said it looked pretty good and did not start bleeding again so it looks like we finally turned a corner on that one!

Moving forward I would like to formally request that none of my children give me anything too interesting to blog about today!

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