Wait- Time Out!

No, not the kids.  

This mom needed a time out.  

Maybe because I realized we hadn't left a 30 mile radius in almost 9 months.

Just sitting in our winter pollution filled smoggy valley.

Cabin fever to the extreme.

So I made a plan.

Aidan had a gymnastics meet we had to be at 8:00 sharp on Saturday, over an hour away.

I loaded up the overnight bag straight out of the dryer.

(The kids never saw me do it.)

When Tim got home we told them we would be running errands.

Our first stop was the Museum of Ancient Life** on our way out of the Salt Lake Valley.


We followed up with dinner at Applebee's.

(The kids still thought we were going home after that.)

Instead we watched The Princess Diaries and ate popcorn in our last minute hotel room.

Everyone was so worn out they stayed in their own bed the entire night.

(I didn't actually know that was possible, but now I suspect a conspiracy afoot.)

Morning didn't come quite as early since we were only 5 minutes away from the meet.

There was an awesome play area for preschoolers & up that was totally worth the $3.00/kid.



Aidan had a great meet.

We all came home.

The end.

**More museum pictures tomorrow :)

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Angie said...

I am with you on the bed conspiracy! I've become a bit of a conspiracy fanatic. ;-)