Finally Sewing Again

Due to an impending snow storm (that really never developed for the record), we went to Saturday night Mass this week and planned to just hunker down on Sunday.  Hunkering down to me meant finally sitting down at my sewing machine after a long month away.

To say that I am productive with my sewing machine every week would be a gross exaggeration, but to say that I feel more productive doing everything else when I get a few moments to be creative is absolute truth.  I am almost caught up (still one block behind) with the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along.

All of my finished blocks.

Some of my favorite new blocks.

Finished Starry Night felt wall hanging.  I don't really have anything to do with this, so for now it's just going to be pretty fabric on my wall to cover up the weird yellow paint downstairs.

You may remember how crazy our room downstairs looked a few days after we moved in.  The room is small, but I really like the way that it turned out in the end.  We still have some stuff to put up on the walls (and need a second chair), but I'm loving it!

From the stairs, my sewing corner.

Around the corner, Tim's "office".

Looking from my sewing corner back at the stairs, the kid's play area.

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