Making Music Praying Twice

How had I never heard of this curriculum before?

I found it quite by accident, looking at something else on Catholic Heritage Curriculum.  And then later, a friend had shared some Lent activities that she found on Pinterest and when I clicked through, sure enough the activities were from the same program!

My deal with music has always been that I love it, the kids love when we do it together, and we never do it together because I always forget.  I check out CDs from the library and forget listen to them.

Everyone has a subject (or two) that they wish they did more of.  Science and history are frequent culprits for many homeschool moms I have talked to, but for me it has always been music.

My plan for now is to add in one day per week as music day during our morning meeting.  (When we all sit down together to prepare for the day and do any group activities.) The timing is perfect because everyone really can participate in the same activities and the same time.  We are also going to focus on one song per month, working on really memorizing some of the prayers.  I've also been playing the CD occasionally during playtime.

I can tell that this is going to quickly become a favorite for everyone.  Especially in combination with many of the activities they have on their website.  Here are some particularly good activities for Lent.   

Pictures of dancing with ribbons this morning.





Our ribbons aren't fancy, just sticks with about a yard of 2 inch ribbon hot glued to the end,
stored in a mason jar on the piano.


Meghan said...

I'm going to be watching this closely. I bought the "Lent" set of that curriculum, and to be honest with you, I couldn't stand it. It seemed so...I don't know, not fun. Maybe it's just me who's not fun. Lol! I am truly interested because if you find something good in this curriculum then maybe I just didn't give it a chance. Keep us posted please.

Heidi said...

Meghan do you get the family album thing when you order just one season? I'm not sure what there would be to it, without that. It goes through what the focus is for each song (tonality, rhythm, instruments, movement, etc.) and has all sorts of suggestions for using the prayers formally and informally. Plus lesson plan suggestions and things like that. I spent more time with that book than I did with the individual song book. Actually, I'm not sure one would really need the individual song book, just the CD and big spiral bound book would be enough I think!

frozenjonesfam said...

Aha! Nope, just the songbook and cd. I've always felt weird ordering a music curriculum, being married to a man who has a doctorate in Music, but we are really bad about doing music around here. Maybe I'll add this to my "stuff to get for next year" list.

Heidi said...

I was telling someone yesterday, it kind of reminds me of Kindermusik (if you are familiar with that at all)

If someone knew nothing about music they could at least learn a good appreciation/awareness from learning the songs or if you know more about music you can do more with rhythm and tonality. I wish I lived closer so I could show you the book so you could decide if it was something that would be worth it!