Well after a hectic and exhausting week we are officially moved in.  It has been crazy and chaotic...and did I mention exhausting?  In the end we found a house that is actually much nicer than our old house.

Maybe someday I can stay awake enough hours in the day to enjoy it?

I have so much to say and share and right now all I want to do is take a nap, so there you go.

Someday soon I shall come back and share all of my thrillingly entertaining thoughts with you.

In the meantime anyone have any good suggestions for when my son hides under his desk and cries for an hour?   I have realized I officially need to get over this idea that he is going to "outgrow" it.  I've been waiting for, oh I don't know 3-4 years for many of these behaviors to magically disappear and I've been told by so many friends and family to just be patient and wait and he would outgrow it, but yeah.  He's not going to, at least not on his own, anytime soon.

Thinking about that makes me tired too.


elsies7gifts said...

glad the move is done and the house is better for your family.

As for your son, just hand him his work under the desk - some kids work better in strange places. Have him set up a 'tent' somewhere he can work in, let him set up his daily schedule, as long as it includes everything he needs to do. The more you make him responsible for himself, the more he will feel like it is his job to do stuff, not just you making him do it.
oh, and do you think any of this behavior is his way of working out any worries he may have? the move, the new baby coming? just an idea.
((hugs)) and I hope you get a nice long nap - or at least some good 10 min cat naps

Heather said...

Congratulations on moving, you are amazing to be able to do that so fast!
A friend of mine who has a special needs child has her own little indoor Teepee for when she just needs to get away or have her own space.
I hope you are able to get lots of naps! :)that's how I felt after our move, and am just now starting to come out of it, second trimester makes such a difference!