One Brave Boy

My son Aidan is one brave boy.

Gymnastics is very important to Aidan.  He exceeds my wildest dreams in terms of how he loves this sport.  He is working on new things all the time, both at home and in the gym.  He really wants to do his best and recently started doing private lessons once/week with one of the coaches for the older boys.

He was prepared for a great meet last weekend.  He had a great warm up and was excited to have family from Minnesota visiting.

And then on his first event, high bar, he took a nasty spill.  He was turning around during his routine and missed his second hand on the re-grip and took a tumble all the way off the mat and onto the concrete beside.

Thankfully he didn't hit his head, but he landed hard on his knees with redness that was visible to all of us parents watching in the stands above.  He took awhile to stand back up and was limping a lot, but no amount of convincing from his coach would let him sit back down.

He wanted to finish that meet.

Bless his little heart, you could see how much pain he was in but he stuck with it.  He talked with his coach about why he fell and is already working on fixing some things so it doesn't happen again.

He's tough that way.

Thankfully, despite some swelling and pain on Saturday and Sunday, he appears to be fine.  The swelling has gone down and his pain is gone.

Since this happened on his first event, Tim didn't record the rest of his routines and Aidan was actually quite upset about that.  He told me he wanted to watch this meet over and over again to remember how brave he was.

In the end he came home with no medals and no awards for the first time.  He was disappointed, but in the end learned a lot about hard work and dedication.  His all-around score was 15 points lower than his first meet, yet he called his grandma and made her write down each one.

He was proud.

His coach was proud.

His mom and dad are exceptionally proud.

Tim told me it was morbid to post this video, but since Aidan is ok I think it's ok to post it.  Aidan is back on the high bar in red. Never mind Tim's commentary. Maybe that's why he didn't want me to post it :)

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