Ultrasound or Drive-by?

I really couldn't actually quite tell.

I had my first OB appointment and ultrasound today.  I was of course nervous, anxious, and all those good things.  The tech was great to show me baby (oh wait, it was actually a blob according to her) and heartbeat right away.  She measured HR (158) and head to rump exactly twice and then spent 2 minutes looking at this supposed septum (partial divide) I have in my uterus.

Then she turned off the machine and said she would be back after she checked with the dr. to see if he needed anything else.

It lasted 3 minutes.

She came back in and had to rescan the "septum" because apparently my OB found it doubtful that the dozens or so ultrasounds I have had thus far in my life AND the c-section all missed this anomaly.   Then she told me that it was probably the cause of my miscarriages and even my preterm labor.  Cause you know, she's got a medical degree or something.

Oh and people who use NFP should really just be called parents.  Even though the measurements agreed with my (apparently useless NFP charts) that I was 4-7 days further than my dates, she declared that since the U/S can be off by a week on its own we will go with the dates because that is more accurate and that is what she wrote down for the Dr.  Um, really?  The date of my LMP when my cycles for the last year have been between 25-35 days is more accurate than an ultrasound and my NFP charts (which agreed with each other, by the way).

I really did like the OB that I met and he seemed to be very laid back and didn't panic at my history or ready to order every precaution in the book.  He explained that he is more laid back and likes having all of the technology, but if he never takes it out of the closet, he's ok with that too.  He told me as we get closer and see how things are going we can decide on NST and regular U/S monitoring.  He prefers not to induce VBACs and doesn't require IV and epidural placements like my last hospital did for VBAC.  In fact, instead of nurses, this entire clinic (it's a high risk clinic) uses certified nurse midwives as the back up for the OBs.  They see all of the patients (I saw one today in addition to my OB) and handle all of the phone calls in addition to sharing on-call schedules.  They always work in pairs.  He said many of his patients with complicated pregnancies go on to have completely intervention free CNM deliveries.

That I like.

Very much, in fact.

He explained to me, why he isn't concerned as much about dates and it did make me feel better.  I think it really represents a shift for me because at my small Minnesota hospital, dates really do matter.  A few days can make the difference between being allowed to labor or not, or even being transferred to a new hospital.  With everything on site here, they are more laid back about that.  It is challenging, however, not to have a Dr. who respects NFP.  He isn't the one who chose the dates over the U/S and NFP, but I explained it all to him again and he chose not to change it, so that does say a lot.

I don't know why I came out of what was mostly a good appointment feeling frustrated and discouraged, but I did.  I think it is because the hospital is so large and I am a small town girl.  I am sure that at any given moment there are as many people in the hospital complex than lived in the entire town where I delivered my other babies.

It is a good hospital and my new OB is perfect for me and my history. The midwives were a bonus surprise!

It just felt really big and I think that left me feeling more than a little overwhelmed!


Abigail said...

Sorry it was so brief and the NFP issues they might have. But, glad things sound like they are going to go well!!

frozenjonesfam said...

Ooooh..I would have felt frustrated too. I, like you, would love the CNM, the "laid-backness", etc. However, I don't get why doctors are so reluctant to trust an NFPer. My favorite doctor was NFP-only, but my favorite delivery to date was with a Family Practice doc who was not NFP friendly at all.

Anonymous said...

Ack! I didn't know you were expecting again, Heidi! How wonderful! Clearly I need to start reading your blog again more regularly.

Congratulations and hugs from the Zoellners.