Dinosaur Island

We have really big gardens in our new house.  The yard is landscaped along all of the edges, and I wanted the kids to have their own "garden" of sorts for some sort of dramatic play.  I noticed the dinosaurs were climbing in my bushes quite a bit as it was, so I cleaned out one of the corner of the yard and the kids took some rocks and sticks from around the yard to create "Dinosaur Island".





A few days ago (sans camera) I found 2 T-Rexes attacking a Long Neck, and I've seen a many grazing Stegosauruses and flying Pteronodons.  No one was playing, but the dinosaurs were keeping busy!


elsies7gifts said...

great Idea - what a wonderful blessing this new house and hard are for your family. I'm sure that wasn't your first thought when you found you had to move. . . . again. Can't wait to hear more of what the dinosaurs are doing in the coming weeks. Will you plant tree stars for them to eat?

Holly@A Life-Size Catholic Blog said...

Such a cute family! Have I had any of your kids in 1st grade religious education class. I teach the 1st grade.