No Longer A Baby

Kylee is a little confused.  She thought that "getting a new baby" meant Logan was going somewhere.  She was quite concerned what would happen in this situation.  She kept going on and on about two babies, despite my insistence there was only one.  This only served to confuse her more until I realized she thought we were getting rid of Logan and replacing him with a newer (according to Kylee, girl) model.

No Kylee, Logan is going to grow up and get bigger and not be a baby anymore AND we are getting a new baby.

I think she gets it now in her own little 3 year old way, as she keeps going on and on about how we all used to be babies.

Including Logan.

He has been my best sleeper by far of any of my kids, really from day one.  Even though he knows how to get out of his bed, he has gone to sleep on his own in his bed for several months.  Every few weeks he has a bad night that we have to put him back (what feels like) 8 million times, but then he goes back to nice easy bedtimes.

Last night though, he forgot his pajamas and left on his funny pants.

I thought he was asleep when I brought Kylee into their room and tucked her in, but a few moments later we heard all this thumping.  I open the door to our room (which is connected to theirs) so I could try to sneak a peak and there he is smiling at me, hugging one of Kylee's baby dolls.  He smiles up and me, I tell him it's night night time and go to pick him up and put him back in his bed.

Logan usually would start crying at this point, but instead he starts laughing and says, "No.  Me stinky."

He was, of course.

I get him all changed up and back in his bed and all is quiet.

Except Kylee who has a hacking, horrible cough so Tim goes in to check on her.  She's fine so he goes to check on Logan.

Looks in Logan's bed, no Logan.

Pulls out the handy iPhone flashlight app and looks around.  Still no Logan.

Walks back through our room to come tell me Logan is missing and where does he find Logan?

Not just in our bed, but tucked in under the covers laying completely still and silent and just watching Tim look everywhere for him.

As soon as Tim sees him, Logan brings back the silly smile and giggles.

Thankfully he gave up after that and went to sleep, but he provided for quite the evening entertainment.


See Kylee, not a baby.


Lisa said...

Very cute! That made me giggle about Logan. :)

Mari and the family said...

This made me smile. :)