New Beds For the Littles


My parents visited this past week and Tim and my dad collaborated on a custom bunk bed for Logan and Kylee.  The top bunk is only about chest height with an IKEA junior size mattress, the bottom is just a standard crib mattress.  Both have a platform underneath instead of slats, which I think is both safer and more comfortable.  Tim wants to paint it, but I kind of like it more natural as the big boy bunk bed has no finish on it either.  Thoughts?

So  much better than just having the two mattresses on the floor!  Now I can search out a small dresser for underneath so I can move Logan's things out of the changing table in anticipation of baby.  Kylee wants a new fish too, which we will probably oblige her with because we already have the tank and the boys have the gecko in their room.


it's the Caffeine said...

I think it's great! I'd also leave it natural but for me it's because mine like to peel paint... the boys room is a beautiful reverse grafitti lol

Sabrina said...

I love it!!