Preschool Project for Busy Little Ones

This is one of Kylee's little projects for while her brothers are working on school.

Refrigerator magnets from the front of the phone book, cut into smaller pieces.
Any scissors will work, including kid scissors if you want your child to do this step.


Glue on pictures of your choice.
Holy cards, family/friend pictures, magazine pictures, anything will work.


Stick on the fridge, trim edges if desired.


For durability when your child isn't looking you may want to reinforce with a stronger glue.  The glue stick hold is variable depending on the surface of the magnet and picture.  

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Olivia D {The Road to Poland} said...

My 3 yr. old daughter would LOVE this, plus you get use all those old holy cards you have sitting around that you don't know what to do with. Thank you for posting this!