A Day In The Somewhat New Schedule

9:00   Clean up time!  Kids pick up back room and their bedrooms.
9:15  Snack & Vitamin Time
9:30-9:50   Morning Group Activity & Prayer

  • Monday:  Music- Making Music Praying Twice
  • Tuesday:  Religion
  • Wednesday:  Art & Picture Study
  • Thursday:  Music- listening & studying instruments of the orchestra
  • Friday:  Religion
Our Daily Morning Prayer:  Heavenly Father, help us to grow and learn every day, so we can do our best for you.   Amen.

10:00-10:30  Language (see below for sample of how this runs)

10:40-11:10  Math

11:10 Closing Prayer (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be)

11:15-1:00  Outside play, lunch & clean up, & midday chores (each of the big 3 have an after lunch list)

1:00-2:00 Afternoon Subjects
  • Monday:  History
  • Tuesday:  Geography
  • Wednesday:  Science
  • Thursday:  Art Production
During the 10 minute breaks in the morning, the kids go get a drink, go potty (they are welcome to go other times of course), run around a little bit, clean up the first round of activities, and prepare for the next subject.  This is very similar to what we did *last* school year, with the addition of the hour in the afternoon so we have more time with each subject.  While we are not *slaves* to this schedule exactly, we do take it very seriously.  The afternoon end time seems to be the thing that is most flexible if we finish early or work longer.  I have found that it saves me more than a few fights if I can point Caleb to a piece of paper on the wall that says this is what we are supposed to be doing right now.  Obviously things come up, but we do our best and it works for us!

Sample Language Period
During the break:  Set up Aidan and Caleb with work to start on.  On this day, Aidan had copy work to finish from the day before and then he was to go on to the next chapter in Devotional Stories for Little Folks and prepare for his narration.   Caleb started with handwriting, no assignment, just do his best on a lot or a little while he waited for his language lesson.


Then I set up rugs for Kylee and Logan near each other (well, Kylee set up her own rug).   I presented somewhat simultaneously to both of them.  Kylee working with a story sequencing and word match activity from Words Their Way and Logan working on vocabulary picture cards.


When Kylee was finished (10-15 minutes) we cleaned up this activity and I gave her a second copy of the rhyme and sequencing for her to color and cut on her own and Logan just kind of hung out....literally.  I promised to be real, remember?



I then met with Caleb on the couch for about 5 minutes to look at his handwriting and the review concept in his language book (Language of God, Level A).  Then I sent him off to work on the new topic while I met with Aidan.


Aidan and I looked at his copy work, where I gave him a few corrections to work on the next day (adding punctuation and a citation).  Then I heard his narration and did the comprehension questions & vocabulary from his reading assignment orally.

That was the end of the half hour, so everyone finished what they were doing and cleaned up and took their break as we got ready for math.  These days, potty & water break is as much for mom as anyone else!  It goes quickly, that is for sure but they are busy and after a week or so in seem to be covering more material than they were before without doing sloppy work.

If they are actually learning it better remains to be seen!

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Meredith said...

Heidi, I'm just looking at your schedule again tonight to be inspired as I figure out our own. I am thinking of you fondly and praying for you and your babe and just glad to have found your friendship!

God bless you!