Moving Junk in moving a lot of junk.

We are blessed with a  great house for our family, but sometimes with 6- soon to be 7- people we run into a little clutter problem.   I'm sure no one else ever has that problem and it is simply me.

When we moved to this house in February, most things were moved and put away quickly.  

Some things, however, never really *happened*.

Like my sewing stuff that just got thrown on a table in the corner of the basement.


 Or the beautiful pantry shelves (and floor) that just accumulated everything that didn't have a home.


 We never even took my desk out of the shed, 
which led to the counters in the kitchen usually sometimes serving that purpose.


Yes, that is hair detangler sitting next to the peanut butter and syrup....

Typical speech at 8:00- karate camp drop off at 9:00- no one woke up until after 7:00 morning.

It's scary.

Or at least it was until Tim and I took it on today!

We cleaned out the pantry and got everything on the shelves, including all of my fabric and crafting stuff from the piles in the other room.



We moved some furniture from the living room to make a nice reading spot downstairs (where it is VERY cool in the summer!)
See how long the floor stayed clear?
Upstairs, we rearranged the living room and were able to move not one, but two desks in!


 This is probably what I am most excited about... 
especially if we ever get around to having school this summer as originally planned!

Anyone placing bets for how long our new organized spaces last?

(PS- Maybe now that I have this new organized space I will be able to find my camera when I want it and can stop using cell phone pictures for blogging!)


Angie said...

Glad I'm not alone. You never know where you'll find our hair detangler either!

Heidi said...

All I know is that it is never where I am looking for it!!

Susan Evans said...

I love seeing organization makeovers. You did a great job organizing!