Summer on Speed Dial

When I learnedt I would be (very) pregnant at the end of summer (again), I knew that it would be important to make sure that we kept busy so I wasn't just hiding inside in the air conditioning.  (Ok, truth be told, I still hide inside in the air conditioning a good portion of my time.)

We were unable to make a trip back to Minnesota as a family this year, but thankfully many of our friends and family decided to take advantage and come to us instead.  My parents have already been here (just before Memorial Day), two of Tim's close friends are here this week, Tim's sister and clan (3 boys basically the same ages as my younger 3, plus another baby TBD on the way) will be here in July, and our very closest family friends are coming in August right when I hit that 36 week mark.  In between that, Aidan is going to 3 weeks of TaeKwonDo camp, Caleb is going to 1, and I am going to the same week with Caleb (in addition to everyone's weekly lessons which already have us at the studio 6 days/week).  Caleb also has his therapy on top of all of that and his PCA is coming twice/week.  Oh yeah and in his spare time, Aidan will be at 7:00 daily Mass training as an altar server with our resident seminarian.

Not to mention there are 2 weeks of Olympics and I am a die hard Olympic maniac (more to come on this later I am sure). In 2008 I delivered Kylee on the second night of the Summer fact contractions started while I was watching the opening ceremony!  If 33-34 weeks weren't a little early I'd be hoping for another Olympic baby, but I would like peanut to stay put longer than that.  Besides, I missed most of the first week sleeping off my c-section.  I'd rather be hot and lazy and holed up with my television instead.

Tell me how I thought we were going to keep working on schoolwork through the summer on top of all of this?  Maybe in the 2 weeks we still don't have anything *extra* on the calendar.

At this rate, I will blink a couple of times and have a baby.

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