Updates on The Crew

I thought after my last post about activities it would be good to update you on what all my little people are up to these days!


Being almost 9 is a good age to be, I am finding.  This summer Aidan has really blossomed.  He wanted to take a break from gymnastics to try TaeKwonDo and he had a good summer getting to know the kids at our studio better.  He went to three weeks of day camp and it was a good experience all around, although he has developed quite the reputation as a chatter box.  

That being said, he missed gymnastics more than he expected and after much discussion Tim and I decided to give him the chance to do both.  He started back at the gym this week and his coach has commented several times on how much more focused he is and how hard he has been working.  Apparently, the break was good for him in more way that one as he now sees Tae Kwon Do as more something to do for the friendships and gymnastics as something he is wanting to work hard on.

Aidan also started training as an altar server this summer with our resident seminarian, which has been so fun to watch.  I am blessed to have a son who not only wants to serve his church, but is willing to drag his dad out of bed for 7:00 daily Mass.  I daresay it has been good for both of them!

Aidan did get glasses this summer, but he is still getting used to wearing them regularly (or rather I am getting used to reminding him to put them on).  



This smiling boy has grown by leaps and bounds this summer!

His therapy schedule has been intense at times, but we have been seeing many improvements.  This summer it has been mainly about speech and social skills group, with some individual psychiatry thrown in.  This fall we are adding occupational therapy to work on toileting (it pains me greatly to say this is something my almost 7 year old still struggles with), scheduling (particularly schedule disruptions), and motor planning (after 2 trips to the ER this summer our insurance company even sent us a letter...).

We did decide to give medications a try and almost instantly wished we had headed the advice of his therapists sooner.  It has not been a smooth road, but he seems better able to face his challenges and the hope is that we will be using this next 6-12 months to build his confidence and skills and then he will naturally outgrow his need for medication.  Sleep continues to be a struggle and we continue to look for ways to help him there.

Caleb continues to excel in Tae Kwon Do and recently earned his brown belt.  With some special help from Daddy (who toughed out a week as a "camper" who was almost 10 years older than the instructors) to get through the day (particularly to handle his toileting needs), he recently attended his own week of Tae Kwon Do camp.  He had much fun, and although Tim said he spent most of his time with some older girls who kind of adopted him as a pet at least he was interacting with the other kids!



She still sparkles, although her crown has been a bit tarnished lately as she learns that she is not the queen of the castle, no matter how much her older brothers may treat her otherwise!

Kylee is still enjoying Tae Kwon Do and seems to come home with many stars for good behavior, which I think translate into "I am cute" stars.   She started writing her name this summer and is quite well spoken.  Her biggest aspiration in life is to be 5, which is funny because her birthday is next week and she only talks about her NEXT birthday when she will be five.  I really don't know why she thinks will happen magically, but I guess we will all find out when she gets there.  For now I am happy to keep her little as long as I can.

I suspect Kylee is going to be a nurturing big sister and is quite excited to have another little girl in the family.  She has actually come to several of my ultrasounds and appointments and loves to listen to Lucie with my doppler.  She knows how to turn it on and what spots we usually find her in.  Kylee never goes to bed at night until she has given Lucie a hug and a kiss...even if she doesn't always have one for me!



This blond blue eyed beauty is Daddy's boy through and through.

His favorite things to do including throwing things, playing in the toilet, climbing on the counters and in the fridge to steal food, and escaping out the backdoor when he thinks no one is looking.  So pretty much the same as every other two year old little boy on the planet!

I can't believe how much he talks, but Tim reminds me that Aidan was the same way at his age.  In fact we often remark that Logan looks just like Caleb at 2 and acts just like Aidan.  His most recent favorite phrase is "Kylee did it."  He's not usually referring to anything specific, he just wants to be clear that he is not the one responsible for whatever mischief we will discover next.

He is also particularly obsessed with all of our four legged critters.  Kirby the guinnea pig lives in the room he shares with Kylee and we have to keep on eye on any *treats* that Logan may decide to share.  Gavin the cat is slowly learning to at least be wary when Logan comes around, although mostly he loves the attention Logan gives him!  Rocky the gecko is so far safe!


What to say about this little girl who will join our family so soon?  Not much other than we are all anxiously awaiting her appearance in the next couple weeks.  As of last discussion, the latest date Miss. Lucie will be joining us is August 27th (Aidan's birthday) but my momma gut says she will be born in the next 1-2 weeks.  I could be wrong, of course, but we will have to wait and see I guess!!


Lisa Steger said...

Love it!! Thanks for the updates!!

Meredith said...

I love this post! It's like a Christmas card in August.

Your descriptions and pictures of the kids are so beautiful. Praying for you as you await little Lucie!!