Finishing Up Summer Science

This week on the Work and Play, Day by Day Facebook page, I shared a glimpse into our science plans for this school year (human anatomy & health for those who don't keep up with us there).  In this early fall season, however, we are still finishing up our summer science project, our rainbow garden (read more here and here).  Here are some pictures of a small amount of our bounty!

Carnival Cayenne Peppers- we also had several purple ones.


Blue Popping Corn- We haven't popped any yet as most of it is still drying, but I think this is the most beautiful color we grew, a mix of purples


Our heirloom tomatoes varied from an almost pink color to a dark purple.


Hello rainbow carrots!!


That large carrot in my hand, just to show diameter


Most of the rainbow carrots are orange inside, but some of them are actually yellow.


I realized after I came inside that I probably should have taken a few pictures of how amazing the garden looks, even now.  The only "rainbow" vegetable we grew that didn't do much was the yellow *desert* watermelon.  I have more seeds though so we might try again next year!


Lea said...

Oh my goodness - where did you get those carrots?

I might just have to grow some next year....


Lisa Steger said...

That looked awesome! I think I am going to give the kids small areas next year too!

Heidi said...

The carrot seeds were just Organic Rainbow Carrot seeds we bought at home depot! They sell them through many of the see companies as well (which is where we got the blue popping corn)