Therapy Funny

Speech and occupational therapy can be really hard sometimes.  Most weeks, Caleb comes home from his appointments fairly worn out in desperate need of some recharging.  He is so smart and so verbal that it is easy for us to forget how hard some simple things can be for him.

This week at OT, his therapist was pushing him on something that was hard for him.  He kept trying to change the subject and distract her back to a game that he wanted to play.

At one point he looks at Erika and yells, "I only like to do what I like to do!"

She calmly says, "Well sometimes we have to do things even when they are hard for us."

Caleb replies, "I KNOW" and then throws his arms up, tosses his head back and says, "UUUGH!"

It was so totally endearing we couldn't help but have a little laugh!