Wandering Thoughts

Growing baby who fits perfectly in brother's arms.


Three kids who started Religious Education this week, which means preparing for another first communion this spring and all that goes with that.  We really didn't know what to do with Caleb, if he was ready, etc and we kept putting off a decision and praying about it.  As a result I could probably write a whole post just about the signs we have received that we are on the right track to go with not only first communion, but to do it through the RE program.


Starting a new tradition of Sunday afternoon picnics and hiking after RE and Mass, to take advantage of the time we have together as a family during the week and avoid getting sucked into other projects


Realizing during our picnic at the zoo today (the zoo qualifies as hiking 4 weeks after a c- section) that Lucie is going to spend her first year or two in the same place her brother Logan did... that has never happened before in our family with all the moving we have done.  It is very likely we will live in Utah longer than any other place we have lived thus far.


Wondering what ever happened to getting my kids all to look at the camera at the same time?


I know I have been quieter in this space lately (and what is posted is mostly family updates) but I have been trying to keep offering quick Montessori resources and ideas on the Work and Play, Day by Day Facebook page.  Be sure to *like* my page to keep up with our homeschool adventures!

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