Baptism Day!

This past Sunday was Miss Lucia Marie's baptism day.  Yeah!!  Here are a few pictures, although I admit that my picture taking expectations have decreased exponentially as the number of children in my family has increased.


As I have shared on this blog in the past, this beautiful sweater was knit for my baptism some 31 years ago (almost exactly) by the nuns at the Catholic school where my mom taught at the time.  The blanket that Lucie is laying on was a gift from one of Tim's fellow PhD students... she brought it back from Bethlehem after visiting there this past summer!


Being so far from home, we did not have any family with us which was very strange.  God provides, however, and we were blessed to spend the day with the same families we enjoyed our backyard VBS with this summer.  The lovely guitar player/Godly Play leader Shannon and her husband were kind enough to agree to serve as Lucie's godparents.


It was also a special (read hard) day for Caleb as he participated in the Presentation Mass for 1st Communicants.  He did great through the 1 hour *practice* before hand and he did great on the parts he needed to participate and I'm just going to forget about the in between.  I was focused on the Mass and the sweater can be fixed, right?


Aidan's shoes just scream at me in this picture.  He grew 3 sizes this year and I haven't had a chance to replace his dress shoes yet!


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