All Saints School Day

Despite being up late due to Halloween shenanigans, we pulled all the monkeys out of bed at 6:00 for All Saints Day Mass.  It was a crazy idea, but actually it worked out ok.  It was the only way we could all go together and, since I really am not brave enough yet for all 5 by myself, that's what we did.  After Mass, we all went out for breakfast before dropping Daddy off at work.

Then we came home and did our *school* for the day!

First up, was a discussion of the Communion of Saints and a group poster, based on this post from Catholic Inspired.


**If you notice the bow Kylee is wearing today, it has a small St. Ann medal.  My friend Martina makes these gorgeous saint bows and you can visit her website, Pepita Bananas, to see more.  She has many adorable saint bows for all sorts of feasts & seasons.  I bought a collection of them and I was very tempted to wear one myself this morning!

Then we made saint clothes' pin dolls, from another post on Catholic Inspired (I'm pretty sure this is my new favorite blog.... I should get a link on my sidebar).  Ours are not as neat and pretty, but the kids did a lot of the designing and cutting and some of the hot glueing.  Unlike me, they didn't even burn their fingers...thank goodness for my friend Lisa who sent us some Amish burn cream from Wisconsin when I burned myself earlier this year!


 We finished St. Aidan, St. Charles Borromeo, St. George, St. Anne, St. Lucy, St. Timothy, & St. Blaise.


We did make a large mess...


When we were finished we added our mini saints to the top of our piano, where I think they look so cute & happy tucked in!


After lunch (when I put the babies down for a nap... they eventually lost it after getting up so early), we finished our last saintly project of the day- candles to match each of the saint dolls we made.  I like to keep small glass votives on hand for these sorts of projects.  All it takes is a printer, glue, and brush.  You see another of our projects here.  


When the candles were finished, we added them to the prayer table for November.  We removed the rosaries and rosary books (don't worry, they are all still available, just moved back to the piano with the others).  In their place, we have several books of saints for children and holy cards.  




Angie said...

Very nice!! Happy All Saints Day! I'll have to check out Catholic Inspired...never heard of it.

Lisa Steger said...

Awesome job!! (and glad the cream helped!)