December Prayer Table Resources

This small prayer table has been such a wonderful addition to our school room this year.  Changing it each new month or season has been as fun as seeing my children look forward to prayer time.

Some of our resources this month

On the wall is the December print from The Art Masterpieces, Liturgical Collection, available through Catholic Heritage Curricula Company.

On top of the table, Olive Wood Children's Nativity Set , minus the infant Jesus since we are still prayerfully awaiting his arrival, and a white votive candle.

In the basket, our Morning Offering prayer (which Aidan typed us for us), suggested small daily sacrifices (from Holy Heroes Advent Adventures), and two rosaries.


Clicking on any of the books, will bring you to the corresponding affiliate link page on Amazon.
Note:  Manger in the Mountains is published by Augsburg and not available new on Amazon.

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Meredith said...

Thanks for sharing all this, Heidi! I love your prayer table. Do you like the CHC liturgical art? I have not noticced that in the catalog before, but it looks good! Happy Advent to your beautiful family!