Posts of Advent Past

I have noticed that as I blog longer, I post less and less about what we are doing on a day to day basis in our little homeschool.  The main reason for this is that I like to post when we do something new, and one of the major basis of our homeschooling method is that what Kylee is doing this year is what Caleb did two or three years ago and Aidan did a few years before that.  I go through our homeschooling closet (aka 90% of what should be my pantry) and dig out things I have already made or already presented.

It isn't *new* to me.

As a reader, however, that doesn't mean you get the same reminders I get from digging through my closet!  Here are some additional posts from previous years that you may find useful in planning activities this December.

Preparing for Preparing
From 2011, a post showing some of our seasonal preparation for home, school, & family.  Includes several preschool practical life activities.

St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra
From 2011, our St. Nicholas breakfast feast including miter waffles.

Kids Making Sugar Cookies
From 2011, the layout & instructions for an independent practical life cookie making activity.

Giving, Family, Books & Tradition
From 2010, shares our family book box tradition.

1st Sunday in Advent
From 2009, we made a paper chain to show the days in Advent.

2nd Sunday in Advent
From 2009, includes our Godly Play inspired St. Nicholas activity.

3rd Sunday in Advent
From 2009, a handmade puzzle and making ornaments.

Enjoy looking through these old posts, may you find some new ideas in my virtual *closet*!

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