Walk The Line with St. Lucy (and the Star Boys)


In honor of the feast of St. Lucy, or Santa Lucia as she is known in Scandinavian countries, I set up a special twist on the traditional walk the line activity today.

First Kylee made a St. Lucy crown and the boys made Star Boy hats.  (More St. Lucy ideas)


Parades of girls in white robes and candle wreaths and star boys are commonplace in traditional celebrations of St. Lucy (Good basic description of St. Lucy's feast day).  We were inspired by these parades to walk to the line carrying various items that represent other St. Lucy traditions.

In order of difficulty/safety

Carrying nothing


Carrying an empty tray


A glass of water without spilling to represent the coffee or hot chocolate
(This was as far as Logan made it.)


A tray with a glass of water (See Above)

A votive candle without blowing out the flame (Not Pictured)

A tray with a candle (this one made me nervous, but they wanted to try so we did) 


Happy Feast of St. Lucy!



 Saint Lucy, pray for us!

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