It's A Long Road

The road between Utah and Minnesota is long.  

Long and boring.

I mean seriously we only take basically 2 roads the entire way.

Suffice it to say there is clearly a reason Wyoming is the least populated state.

Thankfully I gave birth to creative children who have reinvented Rock, Paper, Scissors.


My favorite is the Star Wars version with Force (an open palm), Light Saber (1 finger pointing up), and Blaster (gun fingers).  Tim made the kids change it from gun to blaster because evidently that is proper Star Wars terminology.... I wouldn't know.

Instead of saying rock, paper, scissors, shoot to start the game you say, 

"Light saber, blaster, force be with you!"

There is also a Harry Potter edition and an Avengers edition which evidently has 5 options that I can't really understand quite yet!