Quick Explanation of Chore Breakdown

I posted a few days ago about my daily block schedule. I referred to my own list of daily, weekly, & monthly chores but I didn't really elaborate. So here you go!

Daily Chores
Meal Preparation and Clean Up
Sweep or Vacuum the main living areas (school/dining room, kitchen, & back playroom)
Take out Kitchen Garbage
Make Beds

Daily chores are all designated a specific time during the day, generally around meal times. During my morning preparation block I start the laundry, make beds, make & clean up breakfast, and usually take care of round one of vacuuming. During school time I generally run down once or twice to switch laundry. During kitchen time I clean up lunch, sweep the kitchen, take out the kitchen garbage, and do as much dinner prepwork as I can. Laundry is generally folded and put away during the 3-5 catch up block. These jobs generally take about an hour per day divided up between 3-4 smaller work sessions. If I get nothing else done in the day and do only this much I can avoid feeling (too far) behind even when life is crazy!

Weekly Chores
Clean Bathrooms
Mop Kitchen Floor
Straighten Kid Bedrooms
Vaccum & Sweep Bedrooms
Pay Bills/Balance Checkbook

I mentioned I used to designate a specific day for these tasks, but I have found I prefer the flexibility of committing to do one of these jobs each day. Payday, for example, changes and is roughly every other week but not on the same day. The weeks we host Wednesday playgroup I like to make sure the bathrooms were done on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning and with littler kids straightening & vacuuming kid rooms needs to be done in that time frame as well. Other weeks I might do those jobs at a different time based on our schedule. My general goal is to do one per day during the afternoon 1-3 block, although I often find time in the morning and will get things done early if I can. If I combine my weekly and daily chores onto the same day I can make the house company acceptable in 1-2 hours.

Monthly Chores
Straighten & Vacuum the basement (pantry, Tim's office, lego area, & laundry/sewing area)
Sewing Chores (fixing pants, longer term projects)
Wash bedding
Wash Doboks (Tae Kwon Do uniforms)
Scrub Kitchen Appliances (They are wiped down daily as cleaning up from food prep)
Wipe down walls

This list is mostly things that I end up doing based on need every 2-3 weeks but I would not want to go a month without doing at all! I generally work on these jobs also during the 1-3 time frame, aiming for 1-2 per week. As opposed to things that I would want done immediately before company comes, these are things I would want done within a week of a big visit from family or friends (sorry local peeps- I don't care if my basement is clean for you!).

I wasn't really planning on a mini series on our chore and household routines, but I am going to do one more post in a few days on how and where the other members of my family pitch in. While this list is doable on my own, it is more enjoyable together and that leaves more time for fun!

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