Curriculum Choices & Updates

Wow is it February already?!  I think Lent or something like that might have started today?

How did that happen!

We are really moving along with our little homeschool right now.  I have to admit this is probably the best I have ever felt at this point in the year.  Which is of course, probably a recipe for a big shake up, but I'm not going to dwell on that.  This is where things are right now for the crew!

Lucie is cute and blesses me by sleeping all or most of our morning 9-11 school block.  Kylee used to do the same thing, and I remember she made it until about 9 months before she gave it up.  That would get us to summer, so I am hopeful!  When I made our spring curriculum purchases I bought a few new materials for her.  6-9 months is pretty huge in the development of the hand and she is right there!  We recently started adding some good broth to her diet with the help and advice of a couple trusted friends as she is having a hard time doing much growing.  She is very healthy, but also very very small for her age.  We're going to work on that :)

Logan is two and a boy.  Yeah, he has A LOT of energy!  We mostly work on basic listening and following directions and I'm happy if he doesn't cause too much mess while we get our work done.  We try to include him in projects when we can in his little Logan way.  He does have a few works out at any given time that I rotate regularly to give him something new to do that is only available during school time.  Potty training is going to happen one day I am sure, but at this point I still don't care enough to push it.  The day will come small one!

Kylee is ALL GIRL.  This child is intelligent and bright and just brings such a joy to everyone in our family.  We used to call her Smiley Kylee when she was a baby and for the most part she still is.  She is plugging along with her preschool Montessori work and recently started adding in some big girl math and language.  There are just too many language and math works for our small house!  We have most of them available to support her (and the boys) when they struggle with a concept but for the most part in this season I have learned that Montessori is an ideal, not a necessity, for these core subjects.  She is very excited to learn how to sew and tells me that for her next birthday she wants to have lots of sewing things.  I probably wouldn't wait that long, but if she wants to make it easy on me...  I do have some threading and lacing activities to keep her busy in the meantime and she likes to sort my pins when I am sewing!

Oh Caleb!  Such a contradiction is this boy of mine.  I don't have much to say about his academic school work because he is so smart that the rest of us can't keep up with him.  I never have to tell him a fact twice and he reads as fast or faster than I do.  Life is hard for him though because he doesn't quite understand the rest of the world doesn't work in facts and absolutes.  He plugs away with his MCP math and CHC language, supplemented with Handwriting Without Tears (his OT requested that we go back to that and since she said it, it was ok).  He loves science and we are continuing to work through the human body systems which he finds fascinating.  Caleb has grown up this year, but the air inversions here in the valley are really hard on him and we are hoping to move him away from them soon and expect we will see more improvements when we do.

My usually cheerful super helper.  He is actually the hardest to keep focused on schoolwork, except when he is able to venture into his own research.  That being said, he loves science, geography, and (especially) history.  We were all a little bored with Story of The World so I moved to a more vibrant living history, book based curriculum.  We are doing a little writers workshop instead of a timeline this year and can't wait to share our own book on the history of the Americas at some point!  Right now we are having a hard time fitting his volume of work into the 2 hour block we have and I think that is something we will need to address in the coming years.  Writing is slowly becoming more fluid and we continue to work with both CHC language and Handwriting Without Tears.

So that's where we are with homeschool.  We just keep on keeping on!

A little bit of home and a little bit of school.  A little work. A little play.


Meredith said...

Thanks for the great update, Heidi! You are blessed with all those unique, sweet souls in your care.

You decided to go for the broth with the little Miss? How's that going? We did full-fat yogurt pretty early on, too. That could be blended in with the broth eventually.

Heidi said...

We did start the broth, and so far she is liking it and seeming to tolerate it well (seeing as it is her first non breast milk food). She has a check up next week so we will see how the growing thing is going!