A Winner (Finally)

The winner goes to comment #2- Angie for her share on Facebook!!  
Congrats Angie, we will be in touch on the details!

My deepest apologies for making you wait so long.  We were struck with what we believe was some variety of food poisoning and then we had our Spring National Tournament for Tae Kwon Do (more about that later).

This was my lowest participation in a giveaway ever (by a significant amount) and I would love to know why!  Did you already have this resource?  Not Catholic?  

Leave me a comment and let me know so I can make better plans in the future!


Angie said...

Yahoo! You just made my day! Thanks Heidi!!

Martianne said...

Oh! I actually missed the initial post. I would have entered. Looks like a great resource. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. With 3 littles, it looks great. Congrats to Angie.