Movement ABC Game


As we start reading together, Kylee and I still like to review our letter sounds in new and interesting ways!  A few days ago, we spread all of her letter cards on a rug and then did fun actions to find them, such as "Jump to the J".  You can use the letter name or the sound (preferred) based on what skill you are working on.  Here are some ideas for the rest of the alphabet!

A- Ask
B- go Backwards
C- Crawl
D- Dance
E- Elephant Walk
F- Fly
G- Gallop or Grapevine
H- Hop
I- Inchworm
J- Jump
K- Kick
L- Leap
M- March
N- Nod
O- Obtain (this was a hard one!)
P- Punch
Q- be Quick
R- Run
S- Skip or Spin
T- Tiptoe
U- go Up, Uncover..this was another hard one
V- Visit
W- Walk
X- eXercise
Y- Yodel
Z- Zig Zag or Zip

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Martianne said...

We like doing this, too. You might enjoy the ABC Exercise cards on HomeschoolShare in the My Body Lapbook on page 54 (or 60?) of the PDF. (I know they moved them.) We also have made some cards you might like, which are at and