Caleb's Highs & Lows

This post is actually not anything about Autism stuff, although with all the stuff I'm about to tell you has gone on with this boy in the last 2 weeks (plus moving craziness) there has certainly been a fair share of those highs and lows as well this week.

Since he was little when Caleb has gotten sick, he has gotten sick.  I mean like playing fine one minute, lying on the floor out of it with a high fever the next.  I  keep thinking that he will outgrow this sudden onset of all illness, but so far no luck.  When he laid down on the floor a couple weeks ago, sure enough, his fever was 103.7.

That was Tuesday night, and knowing Caleb and knowing our weekend plans we took him first thing Wednesday morning, and sure enough...strep.  You might think strep throat isn't anything to be too concerned about, and certainly not warranting of mention in a blog post, but it gives perspective to the rest of the post.   Thankfully he did respond well to the antibiotics and no one else got sick...phew!

Friday we headed up the mountain for a tae kwon do tournament, our last of the year before Worlds in July.  Caleb helped with set up and hung out on Friday and then had his own competition on Saturday. He had a great competition, making it through all 4 traditional events without any melt downs.  His "reward" for this was getting to play in the bounce houses that were set up at the event.  (It wasn't really a reward, I just told him he couldn't play until his competition was finished.)

Not long after he fell out of said bounce house.  He was a little sad about it and said his arm hurt, but the medic on site checked him over and said she thought he would be ok.  He perked up and played (although NOT in the bounce house...he wanted no more of that) and was fine the rest of the day.

This is Caleb we are talking about, so I should have known.  He was ok on Saturday, ok on Sunday, and Monday BAM swollen arm.

Turns out...broken arm.

It's not a bad break, but of course he had black belt testing coming up on Saturday!  Thankfully we have some really awesome instructors who came up with a way for him to modify his board breaks and sparring and helped him figure it all out.  It was a little dicey and they kind of had to fudge the rules a bit to let him pass, but I think they just knew Caleb.

Instead of sparring with peers, he sparred an instructor with his cast padded and instructions not to use his arm!
Caleb will be Caleb, and even a black belt doesn't make him want me to take his picture.

As if black belt wasn't enough excitement, on Sunday, Caleb received Jesus for the first time in the Eucharist.   Such a beautiful Mass.

Or, so I'm told.  Afternoon special masses and toddlers don't really fit well together and I listened to what I could through the side doors while Logan talked to himself.  We snuck in for the actual communion portion of Mass and the parish hired a professional photographer for the event (do discourage parents with cell phone cameras) so I can see the rest for myself later.  Actually I'm quite excited for that CD because Aidan was serving at Mass as well and I am hoping for a few nice pictures of him in that role as well.  Part of the photographers deal is that we get rights for the images so I will be able to share them here once they come.

Caleb is not so into having his picture taking these days- at least he was slightly more receptive on Sunday!

He still has a cast for a few more weeks, but hopefully this is the end of all the excitement for Mr. Caleb!   He has all of his end of year evaluations for speech, OT, etc in the next month and I need him to participate so we can plan for his therapies once we move to Minnesota.

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